The Soul Has No Gender (Digital Edition)

by Dani'el



Bonus Hidden Tracks*
1. Belteshazzar's Prelude
2. My Love (Belteshhazar's Edit)
3. She (The First Time Remix)
4. Reminiscence (Doom to fail Remix)

Bonus Item*
Booklet with original covers and lyrics

A Movie "BELTESHAZZAR: The Soul Has No Gender"
(7 additional Videos)
Directed by Dani'el

1. Look At Me (ACT I)
2. Sheep (ACT II)
3. To The Dream (ACT III)
4. But You (ACT IV)
5. She (ACT V)
6. My Love (ACT VI)
7. Saddest Poem (ACT VII)


released January 25, 2019

Music: Dani'el
Lyrics: Maja Mackovic & Dani'el
Mix: Dani'el
Covers: Mateja Majcen

A Movie"Belteshazzar "The Soul Has No Gender"
Directed by Dani'el
Camera: Tomislav Klaric
Makeup: Sasa Jokovic
Assistant: Marko Tolic
Dancers: Bruno & Eni

℗©Dita Entertainment


all rights reserved



Dani'el Zagreb, Croatia

Dani’el, synth pop artist from Croatia introduced himself with his debut album “The Book” by Conzoom Records, Germany, 2013. He’ s entire work is conceived as a great artistic masterpiece with distinctive voice and he’s not just trying to sound similar to everyone else in electro, synthpop, but above all his visual appearance is extremely impressive which can be seen in his fashion music videos. ... more

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Track Name: Sheep
Draw me a sheep, she said

among the shadows, with face bathed in darkness.

I watched her eyes and the spark you see

only once in a lifetime.

After you breathe the life off her lips

and let it grow deep inside you,

with roots that reach the most distant history

of all your lives

Draw me a sheep
 she said
while my thoughts ran

and broke against the walls of our love

Falling in crystals of desire

and despair that consumes every lover

Draw me a sheep, she said

I felt the chunks of horror

rotting in my throat

leaking decayed colour

Lower, corroding my heart

which she took a while ago
in February, under those roofs

where we first met

What's with the sheep

I thought while counting tears

that dried on my lips

what's with the fucking sheep

“I know, it's stupid

but please, draw me a sheep

nothing else I can ask from you”

draw me a sheep
 she said
while my thoughts ran

and broke against the walls of our love

Falling in crystals of desire

and despair that consumes every lover

So I did, with shivering hands

I drew her a vulnerable sheep
and I watched her trembling

closed the door of our life.

Sinking into darkest night

where sheep is the only
trace of the two of us.
Track Name: To The Dream
I don't talk about you anymore
Just sometimes I visit you
In the dark, hidden chamber
Deep inside my heart

I don't talk about you anymore
Just sometimes I slide my fingers
Down your face, tracing those familiar curves
Pausing at your lips

To the dream
To idea
To you

I don't talk about you anymore
For everything that had to be said
Lingers on the wings of past
Where we used to be

I don't talk about you anymore
Just sometimes I go back
To visit the memory
To hold on just a little bit more
Track Name: But You
Now that I think of it

Your hands were too rough to hold my dreams 

Your eyes were too blind to see

You licked my pain away once 

And I trusted you
by putting my soul into your hands 

All you ever did was 

Collecting the echo of my screams 

Growing them into fears

So loud it scared
all the lambs away

But you forgot that fear

Goes hand in hand with the courage 

And screams get replaced with laughter

So loud it moves the Skelets you buried 

Track Name: My Love
If I was to write to you, my love

I would ask you
Your reflection in her eyes

Is it as beautiful as it was in mine?

When she calls your name

Does she roll her tongue around it

Not letting it go, as I did? 

When she slides her fingers 
Down your cheek

Do you feel protected from your fears?

When she draws small letters 

With her nails on your back

Do you feel your children

Waking up inside you

As you once told me I made them wake? 

Does she cry after you show her the stars

Or is she braver than I'll ever be?

When you're hurt

Does she know how to hold you

Did she ever ate your tears like I used to do?

Does she make you the man you need to be? 

Do you breathe with her by your side?

Does she make you alive?

I would ask you that

If I was to ask you

My love.
Track Name: Saddest Poem
Tonight I will write the saddest poem

For every soul that has ever been sad

And for me 
maybe I will even write it for you

For you who held my heart 

And life for as long as I can remember

I will write the poem that will make

All the oceans flood the earth 

And the whole world will tremble

Under the power of my words 

Of the love that used to be so great

It made all the birds sing

And every soul kneeled before it

But after all, love can really be measured

By the number of glances and gazing

Into each others eyes 

By the breaths you take under the cover

Of desire and lust,

Of the need to belong 
by sweet kisses and the impacts 

Your skin does to another soul

Tuzna Pesna (macedonian)

Love can also be measured by the screams

That you share along the way as you grow up

It can be measured by the number of words

Your child sends into the world

And it can be measured by the years that

Made it fade away into mute accidental collisions

Of the coats hanged in the hallway

And the blame you shower each other with

You told me that my words make you sad 

And I know what you mean because

They make me feel the same 

So I will write the saddest poem tonight 

For you, for me, and for every soul

That has ever been sad
Track Name: Reminiscence



Doomed to fail
I am fearful
Comfort me
in my anxiety
Track Name: Let's Call It Love
Actually it doesn't even matter

do I love you

is this what I fell love

or just infatuation with the idea

that possess your thoughts

in all those moments

When you think about nothing else

is the rain product of the cloud

or is it just that the sky is crying

it's about just as important

as the question

Do I love you

You're out there 
somewhere on the horizon

and the anchor of my ship

scratches on the bottom of my port

desperately trying

to reach your shore

To nest underneath your sails
 to sail
the open sea 
with the wind in our merged sails

rushed by the sun

whose heat would eventually

melt our skin

leaving just the collection

of bones and flesh

dressed in emotions

in that, let's call it love.

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